Break The Code is now in partnership with ARC Union. If you are an ARC member you can play our games with a huge $10 discount.

Call all your ARC friends and come to challenge Break The Code.

**Members must present their union cards.

Room Escape for University Students

The University Challenge at Break The Code

Our escape rooms are the perfect opportunity to test your mental metal alongside your friends in a problem solving experience that you won't be graded on! They are all designed around themes you may be familiar with and our puzzles cater to all types of problem solvers. You will need to work as a team to escape, communication is key and it is very often that one person will not have all the answers.

We are currently in the process of connecting with the university unions here in Sydney with the goal of bring the students of Sydney an escape room experience tailored to them. We aim to set up competitive escape tournaments where teams from the same Union can compete to see who can post the best time. There may even be scope for competitions between different unions. There will be lots of other surprises and discounts too, so make sure to visit our website regularly for updates and info.