School Excursions at Break The Code

Our escape rooms offer an exciting activity for students to do as part of a school trip that will also help them to develop key skills that will be vital in later life. The different themes all feature a variety of puzzles designed to test different aspects of our problem solving skills. Teams usually find that not one person always has all the answers, usually each group member will contribute in different ways throughout the game.

The game flow is designed to allow all players to contribute equally and encourage them to voice their options on how to interpret certain clues or solve different puzzles. We believe that this is enjoyable and educational experience that school students will love and we invite an interested schools or colleges to get in contact with us to see what we can do to help you organise your classroom escape!  

After attempting our escape rooms here at Break the Code, the students were able to think laterally, create and solve complex logic problems and work closely as a team in order to build their own rooms. This outside the box school trip proved to be a huge hit with the students of the school and hopefully their experience has developed their creative thinking.

If your school or college is interested in undertaking a similar project then please contact us here at Break the Code.

Break the Code recently team up with Rosebank College to engage their students in a unique escape room school project.

Over 30 students from the college came to Break the Code in an attempt to crack all our hardest puzzles and get some inspiration for their escape room assignment.

This project involved students taking over their classrooms in attempt to create their very own escape rooms. The rooms all had different themes and puzzles and were incredibly put together in a matter of days. Our very own team member, James was then invited to the school to judge the escape rooms! Although all the rooms had some fantastic puzzles and authentic decoration, James judged the CSI themed room to be the winner and then presented the winning students with some free game passes as a prize!


Escape Rooms as an Educational Platform