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 Ghost Bomber - The Unsolved Crime Mystery

(Outdoor - around Sydney)

Aspired gaming elements of the Amazing race, running man & crime investigation. 
A serial bomber is on the loose and aims to kill civilians at all spots at major cities in Sydney. Many feared of his activity, causing panic among civilians and a national threat.

The identity of the bomber remains unknown and the authorities are on the search for the notorious Ghost Bomber.

The Ghost Bomber loves leaving riddled breadcrumbs for detectives to trail. Recent news confirmed that the Ghost Bomber will be planting a bomb in Lvl 1, 741 George St. Your objectives are to locate the bomb, identify the suspect and defuse the bomb before it explodes! You have 90 MINUTES to solve the case.      

Game Duration: 90 min
Team Size: 4-8 people
Difficulty: 4/5
Escape rate: 10%