Avatar - The Secret of Pandora

The year is 2090 and Earth is in crisis! An epidemic caused by the deadly Ebola-X virus is threatening the very survival of humanity. Scientists have tried to develop a cure, but all their efforts have been fruitless. It is known that a research team on the inhospitable Pandora Moon were working on the genetic modification of virus cells using a special material known as unobtanium. Their last recorded data showed the presence of a possible biochemical cure for the Ebola-X virus!

You are part of a team of scientists who must travel back to the Pandora Moon and retrieve the information from the abandoned lab before it is too late. 

The clock is ticking and Earth won't survive much longer, you are our only hope...
Game Duration:
60 min
Team Size:
2-8 people

Difficulty: 3/5 (Easy but not a pushover, suggested if children are present)
Escape rate: